The Power of Transdermal Magnesium

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transdermal magnesium
Jan 2021

Transdermal Magnesium is nearly miraculous for the depth and scope of its application, this is no exaggeration. It is an essential mineral used in hundreds of biochemical reactions, making it crucial for health. “There is no substitute for magnesium in the human physiology, nothing comes even close to it in terms of its effect on overall cell physiology. It is negligent to ignore magnesium chloride in the treatment of a chronic or acute disorder.” Dr  Mark Sircus

“Magnesium is the most important mineral to man and all living organism” Dr Jerry Aikawa

Massive magnesium deficiencies has led to a mammoth epidemic of health problems strokes, heart attack, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune illnesses. Even mild deficiencies can cause acute muscular problems, twitching, trembling, mental depression, nervousness, insomnia, skin disorders and the list goes on. Add to this the dwindling magnesium supplies in our soils and our modern diet of refined grains, processed foods and sugars, magnesium supplementation is imperative for most people.

Dr Mark Sircus recommends the use of transdermal magnesium chloride as the MOST effective way to improve your magnesium levels quickly.

 Transdermal (topical) magnesium is a way of delivering minerals to the skin. The skin being the largest organ of the body has several functions one of which is dermal absorption. Once the magnesium oil is applied it passes through the the outer layers of skin into the lymph and local vascular (blood vessel) system and soon after into the bloodstream.

There is nothing like a transdermal magnesium massage to fuel your tank and pick you up. You cannot beat the miraculous effects of magnesium. In my experience some people feel an almost instantaneous relief to muscular aches, pains and particularly insomnia. Follow this up with one to two applications a day and you’ll swear by this daily pick me up to maximise your health benefits.

You may be wondering what application of supplementation is best,

The following table lists further conditions that may benefit from transdermal magnesium use.

muscle twitches, tics, or spasms

“Charlie horse” (the muscle spasm that occurs when you stretch your legs) insomnia or restless sleep stress back pain

headaches, cluster headaches, migraines

stiff and aching muscles bones and joints that need continued chiropractic treatment weakness



nervousness hyperactivity high blood pressure



constipation angina kidney stones



heart attack irregular heartbeat attention deficit disorder

aggressive behaviour

chronic fatigue syndrome

stroke anxiety confusion, muscle weakness



exhaustion from exercise