Express Indulgence Short on time?

Give yourself a break-relax and revive 60min Relaxation massage with a medium pressure and long flowing relaxing strokes offering you magnesium or essential oils and scalp massage and 30min Organic facial with our signature handmade organic skincare 1.5hrs $195


Pamper Paradise You deserve to be spoiled

Our most popular treatment- 2hrs really gives you the time you need to let go and relax 30min Body polish and organic moisturiser to hydrate your skin 60min Relaxation Massage with medium pressure offering you magnesium or essential oils and scalp massage and a 30 min Organic facial with our handmade organic skincare 2hrs $260


Double Delight Balance your body and mind

30 min Magnesium mineral foot soak, scrub and reflexology treatment with magnesium oil 30 min Body polish and lathering of organic moisturiser to hydrate and soften your skin 60 min Relaxation Massage with medium pressure to ease and release muscular and mental tension 30 min Organic Facial with our handmade organic skincare 2.5 hrs $320 pperson


Walking on Sunshine Uplift mood enhance energy

45 min Foot soak in magnesium and peppermint salt bath, salt scrub and a hot oil magnesium foot massage  90 min Full Body Relaxation massage with medium to firm pressure with essential oils or magnesium oil 45min Organic facial 3 hrs $385


Heaven on Earth Your ultimate "chill out"

30 min Aromatherapy foot soak, scrub and hot oil reflexology massage 30 min body polish and organic moisturiser 75 min Relaxation massage – total body massage including scalp – WOW – now you will really let go 45min Organic facial including European facial massage    3 hrs $385

Daylesford Massage Spa