Massage & Reiki

Healing Hot Stone Massage Soothe Unwind Relax Revive

Melt under the warmth of volcanic stones, drift away and relax, the warmth of the stones will help our massage to easily sooth away aches and pains, release built up muscular and mental stress and tension using our medium pressured massage, relax & unwind 2hrs $290


Magnesium Muscle Soother Massage & Facial A game changer

Your body will be relieved of muscular aches, pains, spasms, great for chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia. A vital component within your cells, magnesium’s benefits are multi-fold. Fantastic for bodies in computer and desk based positions 1.5hr Destress Massage (medium pressure) & 30min Organic Facial-includes neck, shoulder, pec and scalp massage-$290


Spa Treatments

Heaven on Earth Your ultimate "chill out"

30 min Aromatherapy foot soak, scrub and hot oil reflexology massage 30 min Body Polish and organic moisturiser 75 min Destress Massage – (medium pressure) total body massage including scalp – now you will really let go & 45min Organic facial including facial massage….3 hrs $425 per person


Walking on Sunshine Uplift mood enhance energy

45 min Foot soak in magnesium and peppermint salt bath, salt scrub and a hot oil magnesium foot massage  90 min Full Body Destress Massage with medium pressure using essential oils or magnesium oil and 45min Organic facial…. 3 hrs $425 per person


Double Delight Balance your body and mind

Total Relaxation….30 min Magnesium mineral foot soak, scrub and reflexology treatment with magnesium oil 80 min Destress Massage with medium pressure to ease and release muscular and mental tension 40 min Organic Facial with our handmade organic skincare 2.5 hrs $350 per person


Pamper Paradise Your Time to Relax and Re-energise

Our most popular treatment- 2hrs really gives you the time you need to let go and relax 80min Destress Massage with medium pressure offering you magnesium or essential oils & scalp massage and a 40 min Organic Facial with our handmade organic skincare with face, neck and shoulder massage 2hrs $290 per person


Express Indulgence Short on time?

Give yourself a break-relax and revive 60min Destress Massage with a medium pressure and long flowing relaxing strokes offering you magnesium or essential oils and scalp massage and a 30min Organic facial with our signature handmade organic skincare 1.5hrs $220 per person (for groups of 4 or more)


Facials & Skin Needling

Daylesford Classic Facial Local herbs/flowers/plants

Your skin will radiate a fresh, renewed and younger appearance using local organic skincare with Daylesford spring water & local herbs made here at Daylesford Massage & Facials created especially for you. Cleanse, steam, exfoliate & hydrating masks, neck, shoulders & hand massage for your relaxation-includes 30min Back Massage or Foot reflexology treatment 1.5hr $220


The Goddess Facial You are Special, Be Pampered

Your body will drift away into a blissful heavenly space & your face will be gently pampered with organic herbs and plants that will hydrate, soften fine lines and boost collagen with your personalised hyaluronic acid mask. Head, neck shoulder and hand massage & optional extra reflexology treatment for total relaxation and rejuvenation 1.5hr $220


Fruit Enzyme Facial Renew Your Skin

Refresh tired, dull and dry skin.Begin with a 30min Back Massage, then a gentle blend of fruit enzymes to dissolve facial skin cells creating a healthier glowing skin followed by a hyaluronic acid mask to soften wrinkles and hydrate your skin – includes shoulder, neck and hand massage to release built up tension. 1.5hrs $220


1hr Destress Massage & 1hr Organic Facial Our signature treatment

1hr Destress Massage, a medium pressured massage to release and relax tired tense muscles 1hr Organic Facial, pamper & indulge your senses in the warmth of scents & sensations to help you float away. Combining our specialised massage & organic skincare  includes facial, neck and decolletage massage to lift & revitalise your face 2hrs $290


Glycolic Facial Your skin will glow

Stimulates collagen production reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing cell regeneration. Includes our handmade hyaluronic acid mask to plump up skin and soften fine lines. Take time for yourself to rest, relax and beautify. Includes a 30min Back Massage or Reflexology Treatment 1.5hrs $220


Facial for Your Back For Acne and Sundamaged skins

Great for over sunned skin or skin that is oily, blackheaded or prone to acne. A facial for the back using our signature organic handmade products – steam, cleanse, exfoliate, mask and hydrating moisturising back massage, your skin will glow. Includes a full body exfoliation and organic moisturiser 1.5hrs $220


Leg & Feet Treatments

Leg & Foot Flow Massage Cellulite or Aching Legs

Let us bring back circulation and energy flow into your legs. Runners or walkers aching legs, cellulite, varicose veins or restless legs. Starting with a mineral salt foot bath. Oils and herbs are then selected for your condition. Using a combination of medium to firm pressure massage……….. 1hr $145


Foot Bliss Soothe your tired feet

Your feet will love the warmth & stimulation of a mineral salt soak and essential oil salt polish followed by an application of magnesium oil and hot towel wrap while your head, neck and shoulders are massaged. The towel is removed and a reflexology foot massage will follow to complete your relaxation. 1hr $145


Magnesium Foot Soak & Massage Rejuvenate with magnesium

Your feet are soaked and salt scrubbed to maximise the uptake of your magnesium foot spa then rubbed vigorously with magnesium oil and hot towel wrapped to further absorption while your scalp is massaged. Your feet are then massaged using reflexology & trigger points to relax, restore and balance body & mind. 1hr $130


Energy & Healing Therapies

Align & Balance
Chakra Balance

Beginning with a 30min back massage to deeply relax you the Chakra experience opens, cleanses and aligns the bodies 7 main energy centres. With a tailored blend of sacred cleansing herbs, essential oils, crystals and sound therapy your body will drift into a deep state of calm and relaxation. Your chakra alignment experience should leave you feeling centred, harmonious with a deep sense of wellbeing.

1.5hr $220

Rhythmic Relaxation & Calm
Spirit Drum Healing

Your Spirit Drum Healing will begin with a smudge cleansing to create a sacred healing space and cleanse your aura. During your treatment the sound of drums will be deeply therapeutic for your body, mind & soul. The physical transmission of rhythmic energy will synchronise the hemispheres of the brain, allowing them to pulsate in harmony. This integration produces a sense of calm, understanding & insight, accelerating physical healing, boosting immunity and reducing fatigue and stress.

1hr $125 

Surrender & Let Go
1hr Destress Massage & 30min Reiki Healing & Energy Balance

Restore vitality and rebalance the body, mind and spirit. Release built up stress and tension, calm your busy mind, create space for the new. Surrender and let go of that which does not serve you. A gentle relaxation and energy treatment. Can be combined with a massage for maximum effect.

1.5hr $220
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