My Top 13 Beauty Tips

  • By stacysummerland
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Nov 2020
  1. To keep your face looking toned and smooth try facial exercises while driving, cooking, cleaning or showering (check out youtube, there are loads of great facial yoga exercises to help lift and tone facial muscles all free!)
  2. Don’t have time to exercise? Sitting at a desk all day try isometric exercises throughout the day and don’t forget to stand and stretch at least every 30 minutes for at 2 minutes to prevent stiff neck aches and pains (thats 32 minutes a day) better still get a stand up desk.
  3. Cut out chemical based toothpastes and try carb soda, works wonders, charcoal, clay and fine sea salt are also great. Cleans teeth and freshens your breath.
  4. Plan and coordinate clothes, make lunch and have bag packed the night before means a stress free morning and more time to relax into the day with some gentle stretching, a walk and meditation.
  5. If you want plenty of energy for a busy life cut out refined sugars, processed and starchy foods. Thats a no brainer, we all know it we just don’t always do it.
  6. Dry body brush once a day to help detoxify the body, always brush upwards toward the lymph glands, shower or bathe and follow with your favourite oil.
  7. Always carry fruit, nuts, or boiled eggs for snacks so your not tempted to buy something unhealthy when you get hungry.
  8. For your natural no make up look, this trick will have your lashes looking naturally long, lush and symmetrically separated in no time. Using the comb side of your eyebrow brush smear a little mascara on the edge and comb though lashes.
  9. Use essential oils to smell divine rather than commercial perfumes that are filled with chemicals.
  10. Supercharge your energy with a cold shower in the morning, start with 15 seconds and work up to  5 minutes in increments of 15 seconds per day, you will be blown away by how awesome you’ll feel and you’ll bounce through your day.
  11. Tired and aching joints, arthritis pain try doing joints rotations throughout your day to keep joints   lubricated and limber also add transdermal magnesium to your daily routine. MSM is my secret weapon against inflammation I will write a full article on this amazing substance in a future post.
  12. No budget for skincare make your own face mask with ingredients in the fridge try avocado, egg white and honey my favourite.
  13. Enjoy the benefits of a regular sleep cycle and start the day with a meditation to create the day of your dreams.